In the beginning…

There has to be some starting point I suppose. I wish I had a better way to connect to others, but I find myself second guessing every move. I used to be someone… Someone people wanted to be around… Someone people called… Someone people texted. I don’t know what happened… But the more I cared, the fewer people stuck around.

So now I am stranded with this desperate need for connection. I have so many questions… So many stories … So many things to share. They may not be exciting, but still worth sharing with someone. Maybe if I was able to score an acceptable mate I wouldn’t feel so lonely. I mean, I have a mate… He is only a mile from me physically, but emotionally we are having a long distance relationship. I was never designed for a long distance relationship.

I am not great at writing, so please forgive me now and love me anyways. I think this will be mainly a stream of consciousness anonymous public journal. You will judge me, and I am okay with that. I know others have made embarrassing mistakes… Dug themselves into holes deeper than the earth… Made unchangeable decisions.

I am sure some days I will make you laugh, some days I will make you cry, and most other days I will mostly make you cringe. Why? Not necessarily because I am trying to, but because people don’t like the truth. I think some people say they like the truth, but really they like just enough truth to get through their day and feel honorable. In general, most people want everything sugar-coated…I mean this is America, right? Can we supersize those lies?

I don’t want to dive into any random stories. I will save those for their own posts. I promise I will tell you everything… Every memory… Every new adventure… Every heartbreak… Every accomplishment… Every… Dirty… Little… Secret.

So here goes nothing….

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