Summer of Disney…

This is the only summer that will get its own post. I promise…but at least one of the stories is good for a chuckle.

My friend and I were close enough to Disneyland that we could abuse the Annual Pass. Now, this was back when they were something like $180 or something like that. It paid for itself in a couple of visits. My friend Lauren from swim team used to go every day after summer school. I don’t think I intentionally went to get the attention of boys, but what girl doesn’t like to feel desired.

One of the first times I was hit on I was with Lauren and her friend Colby. Colby was beautiful, with bronzed skin, blonde hair, the ability to do her makeup well, and very large breasts. My other friend Lauren was amazon goddess tall, and had a thick build, and still on the slender side. She had blonde curly hair, blue eyes, and a nose that turned up and made her look a bit pig like. As for me…I have never thought highly of myself. While they were both about a size 8, I sat at a size 13. I almost never did my makeup or my hair. I had long brown hair with natural blonde highlights from being in the sun and an olive complexion I can thank my Mexican heritage for. Looking back, I see now that I was quite beautiful, but I felt nothing close to beautiful at the time.

It was a particularly hot day even for California, so we spent some time relaxing and sitting at a table in Tomorrow Land. Two guys approached us all tattooed and pierced, which was highly attractive to me. They started to chat us up, despite the fact that one of them had just had their tongue pierced. At one point my friend Lauren walked away and I wasn’t sure why. She sat down randomly at another table and started talking to a guy about our age. Colby and I kept talking to the other two. One of them leaned in and had the audacity to say “You have a great ass, and she has great tits, but your friend over there needs work!”

I really couldn’t tell you how we left that conversation, but I don’t remember them sticking around long. I am guessing the found out we were minors at some point and took off.

Another time Lauren and I went by ourselves. While we were there a random guy that was by himself approached us. I don’t remember his name, but I do remember that he was incredibly attractive. He was white with short brown hair and a muscular build. Again, really not thinking highly of myself and when he offered to tag along thought he was there for Lauren. We ended up on The Haunted Mansion. It was two to a Doom Buggie, and I don’t know how this happened but come time to hop in, that guy and I ended up in one Doom Buggie, and Lauren in another.

While we were on the ride he leans over and asks me… “Do you know what a sucker kiss is?” Thinking he was going to explain this with words I said no. He then begins to lean in until he is a centimeter away from my lips, and then goes to the side of my face, his cheek touching mine…I froze…I think he was a man in his early 20’s and I was only 15…then he whispered “Sucker” into my ear.  I laughed hard than I should have. I tell that story often…But I do tend to leave out the age gap detail.

He is still hanging out with us a few hours later. Nothing else happened so I just wrote off the “Sucker Kiss” and Buggie ride as a fluke. We ended up getting on the train that goes around the entire park. I had never been on this train and had no idea what was about to happen. We end up in a very black tunnel and suddenly his arm is around me. The fact that this man was a stranger was definitely making things more intense when he touched me. Then when the next dark tunnel came he slid his tongue into my ear…Prior to this moment, I would have never thought this would be something I considered erotic, but holy cow…The way he licked and nibbled on my ear lit my insides on fire. I was also oddly turned on by the fact that people might catch us. I wish that train went slower. After that little play session, I was breathing heavier and wanting more. In the next tunnel, he full on kissed me. He was a good kisser…I was wrapped up in him…I did not want to stop. But sadly it was time to get off the train.

He ended up having to leave a few hours later. I did not give him my number or ask for his. I was happy with having a naughty day in the happiest place on earth.

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