Sophmore Year…

You remember Lauren right? I definitely started the year with her being one of my best friends. I have a feeling now looking back on Summer of Disney, that she may have developed some jealousy towards me. I wish I would have recognized this at the time because we probably would have been friends longer, or at least past Homecoming.

With Homecoming approaching, I was hoping to find a date. I had recently become a youth leader at my local church. I happened to have a huge crush on one of the guys in the music ministry, but never in a million years dreamt of asking him. His name was Matt #2. Lauren, however, kept egging me on. So one night when we were both hanging out waiting for service to start, I asked him. I have never in a million years felt the type of nerves I was feeling at that moment. Matt #2 took what I will deem, the longest pause known to man before he finally put his arm around me and said yes. I am still shocked he agreed to go with me to this day.

Right after he said yes…Lauren said “I don’t know what you have that I don’t,” and stormed off. In my naive state of mind, I still did not register that as jealousy. I didn’t even end up getting to go with him due to how complicated the paperwork was to have someone who wasn’t a member of the school attend the dance. I also did not pursue him any further.

Not long after that, I met one of Lauren’s neighbors who was interested in me. I don’t remember his name, but really there was only one night together. Before you get all kinds of carried away…it was not that night…but that is coming don’t you worry. He was Indian, taller than me (which doesn’t mean much), dark features and was very sweet. We were outside and he fed me some cheesy line about the stars. I remember thinking it was incredibly adorable and wish I could remember what it was.

His mother did not approve of non-Indian women so we stayed outside. After the cheesy line, we kissed for a good while, even though he was one of the worst kissers in my line up. We ended up falling out of touch, and I think Lauren was down to her last bit of patience and let her jealousy end our friendship.

Winter Formal came around and a bunch of my friends planned on going. They all had dates and I was dateless. I somehow ended up having my friend arrange a date for me with Ruben. I mean, I knew him prior to the event but I did not think we had much in common. After going through the torture of hair, nails, and makeup, we all piled into the limo and went on our way. I remember having a good time, but I also remember my date abandoning me entirely and then he had the audacity to be mad at me for ditching him at the dance.

I am actually grateful that didn’t work out. He was nowhere near my type…I mean his name isn’t even Matt! That’s okay with me because I did move on to Matt #3. He was on the swim team with me. He was goofy but very nice. I mostly was about the heart anyways, but I was also very impressionable. One of my teachers, whom I considered a second mother to me, asked me if I was indeed dating Matt #3. I could tell she didn’t necessarily approve and I said no. I ended things with poor Matt #3 shortly after that.

The next person I am about to talk about is very near and dear to my heart even now. In the interest of keeping this post from becoming a novel, I will make a separate post.

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